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" And on the Seventh Day, Mustaine said: ∇ ⨯ E = - ∂B / ∂t ; and there was Thrash; and it had a ♭2; and it was good. "

True artists don't steal or borrow. If I have seen or heard further in my music, remained authentic and developed innovative work, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

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Recent Work & Future Schedule

Jun-Dec 2021 : Composing for Orchestral Wind Band, Music Production

Oct 2021 : Composing Trombone & Saxophone Duo, Recording

Dec 2021 : Rock Band Recording

Jan-Mar 2022 : Scoring Film Trailers

Jan-Apr 2022 : Composing for SF Symphony String Quartet

Mar 2022 : Orchestral Wind Band Performance

May 2022 : String Quartet Studio Recording

Jun 2022 : String Quartet Recording Mixing/Mastering