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Recent Work

January - May 2020 : Music Studies and musicianship

May - July 2020 : Composition and Songwriting

Aug - Dec 2020 : Music Production and Composition

All Kale Seitan!

Rock n' Roll Straight Edge and Moshing Around Southern California

Because Hard Rock Ain't Jazz

Live, 2015 - Tomorrow

"And on the Seventh Day, Mustaine said: ∇ ⨯ E = - ∂B / ∂t ; and there was Thrash; and it had a ♭2; and it was good. "

About The Artist!..
For Those About to Shred!

Elite Silicon Valley cubicle maze dwellers of corporate America take note. Rock & roll, headbangers in mosh pits, and the metal horns 🤘 will return your karma back at you directly from the fans. Music and listening audiences are the most powerful forces in the world. My heroes of Rock & Roll guitar: Doug Marks, founder of Metal Method rock guitar instruction, and Micheal Angelo Batio, innovator of the double-guitar, the quad-guitar, and neo-classical guitar technique, proved that speed and shred barriers are surpassable for creating unique and heavy music.

This Los Angeles native says: Tune up, turn up, and plug in!


Superblonde.Org · Time After Time Jazz Standard with Piano, Bass, Drums

Metallica - Enter Sandman (Rhythm Guitar)


Wolfmother - Joker and The Thief (Lead Guitar; SD&R Live Cover 2016)